Chapter Twenty: Aloysia's Talent

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Fanchon wiped the sweat from his brow as he studied the unfinished sword. The design he had chosen was not a simple one and involved making the hilt from brass. He had created a dragon whose body would be the grip with outstretched wings as a cross guard and tail as a knuckle guard. The tang of the sword would fit into the throat of the dragon. It had taken him most of a week to forge the sword. All that was left was to join the blade to the hilt and sharpen it. He had created a beautiful fabric lined wooden box to store the sword in until it was needed. Although it would harm any not its master the sword would be both beautiful and a functioning weapon.

‘Night is falling,’ Malvin reminded him.

‘Once joined they will never come apart,’ Fanchon replied silently. ‘I hope I got the balance right.’

He slid the tang of the blade into the hilt until he felt it click into place. He balanced the sword on his finger and was pleased with the result. He carefully sharpened it and polished the metal as the sun set turning the sky into a blaze of color.

‘Tomorrow is our last day together,’ Malvin said in a sad tone.

‘You shall be missed as will Fae when she dies.’

‘You have been like a son to me,’ Malvin said. ‘Aylward will hatch shortly after Etana and will be her mate.’

‘We will care for them. That I promise.’

“Fae told me you were ready to put the sword in the box,” Aloysia said as she came out of the tunnel carrying the box and a torch. “She also told me that I was to be the last to touch it.”

She placed the torch in a crack at the tunnel entrance then held out the box on her hands. Fanchon opened the box and gently placed the sword in it along with the sheath and belt he had made for it.

“Ki-Mal told me that your talent is an ancient one that has not been needed for many generations. It will bind this weapon to the man worthy to bear it. No other can touch it,” Fanchon replied as he took the box from her.

She nodded before beginning to glow a deep dark red. She closed her eyes as she placed her fingertips on the sword. The sword began to glow red but soon the glow turned orange which shifted to yellow then green and finally blue. Under her fingertips letters began to form down the center of the blade.

“Lord of Dragons, Protector of Men, pure of heart, strong of body and mind. Imposters beware!” Aloyisa spoke the words forcefully.

The words and the tone of voice struck fear in his heart for a moment. As she opened her eyes and raised her hands the words she had spoken were engraved on the blade. She gently closed the box as her glow faded.

“It is done,” she said softly. “Now it will await the man capable of wielding it.”

“There is much to do before then,” Fanchon said. “We must teach our children the things that will prepare our heirs to rule over Dracona and lead our people back to where they came from before arriving in Glynis.”

“I’m tired.”

‘Sleep well and I will see you in the morning,’ Malvin told them.

Aloysia carried the torch and Fanchon carried the box down the tunnel to the main cavern where the others were waiting.

“We want to see it,” Markus said.

“Just don’t touch it,” Fanchon said.

“You can always polish it again,” Mari said.

“It’s not that,” he said.

“I finally found out what my talent is,” Aloysia said. “It is one that hasn’t been used for a very long time. My talent is to bind a weapon to a single warrior. The message on the blade wasn’t there before I touched it. It is a warning.”

She opened the box and everyone crowded around to get a better look.

“It’s so beautiful,” Sarma sighed.

“I see what you mean about it being a warning,” Tor said.

“It looks sharp,” Gareth said.

“I do not know what power the blade possesses other than it can only be wielded by one man,” Fanchon said. “I forged the sword to be a weapon regardless of its powers. It is sharper than my own blade and perfectly balanced.”

“For now it will remain in the box,” Aloysia said. “Fae sees a time when it will be needed to defend and rebuild Dracona before our people return to their original home.”

“We’re all tired,” Fanchon said. “Let’s get some sleep.”


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