Chapter Eighteen: Preparing for the Future

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When Fanchon woke in the morning Malvin had returned and was lying near the eggs in the main cavern.

‘I found the island and spoke to a woman who lives there,’ the dragon said. ‘She spoke some words that I don’t understand and told me that it was a key for you to pass down to your male heirs.’

‘I’ll get some paper and write it down then,’ Fanchon said.

Aloysia was straightening the bedding and folding it out of the way.

“Malvin’s back and has something to tell me that I must write down,” Fanchon said as he found the pen and ink. “He found the island and there was a woman living on it.”

“Fae told me,” Aloysia said. “She said you must forge a sword that will be stored waiting for the day it is needed.”

Fanchon nodded as he pulled out his journal and sat down.

‘Here is the key,’ Malvin said then began speaking in the language spoken in Glynis. ‘Through the gathering darkness hope lies in the hands of two hearts joined as one.’

‘You’re certain that’s what she said was the key?’ Fanchon asked after writing it down.

‘I don’t know if what she said are actual words or just meaningless musical tones,’ the dragon replied. ‘She said you must pass it down to your male heirs and only a man will be able to use it as a key.’

‘It makes words and a complete sentence, but why that was chosen as a key is both puzzling and troubling,’ Fanchon said as he thought about the key.

‘Yes, that is a troubling message to be used as a key,’ Malvin agreed as Fanchon remembered what Ki-Mal had told him. ‘That does fit. I can provide the fire to forge the sword.’

“Fae says you need to visit the village,” Aloysia said. “We’ll be fine for a few days.”

‘I can guide you to the village,’ the dragon said. ‘I would feel much better if you make peace before I commit myself to the volcano on the night of the full moon like the woman told me to.’

‘Why would she tell you to do that?’

‘I don’t know. She said it was important and would insure Dracona’s safety.’

Fanchon and Aloysia gathered everyone together. As they ate breakfast Fanchon thought about what to tell them.

“Last night Malvin found an island on the ocean beyond the volcano. A woman living there spoke to him about keeping Dracona safe,” Fanchon said and silence fell.

“What she told him agrees with what Fae told me,” Aloysia said. “There are things we must do before the full moon. One thing is that Fanchon must forge a sword that will be stored away until it is needed for the defense of Dracona.”

“Any of us who can shape metal can make a sword easily,” Tor said.

“It must be Fanchon and it must be forged in dragon fire,” Aloysia said in a commanding tone that surprised Fanchon.

“I’ll need an anvil created and a hammer head along with tongs to grip the steel with. I’ll also need enough steel to create the sword,” Fanchon said. “I’ll make a box for it and once it is in the box no one must touch it. It will serve only one man and harm all others that touch it.”

There was murmuring among the group that ceased when Aloysia spoke.

“There are things only a seer can tell us and we must have faith in the truth of their words. Fae is a seer and she has foreseen this sword kill men who attempt to take it up. When the man who is worthy to claim it is ready the sword will choose him. Until then it will remain in the box.”

“There is a village nearby that Tor and I must visit and make peace with,” Fanchon said. “I don’t know why it is important to do it right now, but I want us to live in peace with our neighbors.”

There were many questions that Fanchon tried to answer, but some he didn’t have any clear answers to. Soon after breakfast Fanchon and Tor set out to find the village. They found the village south of Dracona early the next day. The people were wary of them and soon some of the men gathered around as they dismounted.

“We come in peace,” Fanchon said.

“You come wearing swords,” one of the men challenged.

“They are only for defense,” Fanchon replied.

“You allow your son to speak for you?” an elderly man asked as he looked at Tor.

“Fanchon is not my son, but my friend and my leader,” Tor responded.

The men looked puzzled and glanced at each other as the elderly man stepped forward and looked Fanchon over closely.

“What is your business here?” the man asked at last as he met Fanchon’s eyes.

“We recently settled at the foot of the volcano and are building a castle there. We came simply to introduce ourselves to you and let you know that we want to live in peace with our neighbors.”

“What of the dragons? Do they still live?” the man asked. “With them as allies you are invincible in battle, especially against simple farmers like us.”

“They live, but we wish only friendship, not battle with you,” Fanchon said. “We are planting our own crops and have our own cattle. We just wanted you to be aware of our presence because we do not wish to be attacked either. There are twelve of us plus one baby. Over the next several months there should be five more babies born.”

The old man stared intently into Fanchon’s eyes for several uncomfortable minutes before speaking again.

“You do not look like a farmer to me. He does, but you do not. What is it that you do besides lead?”

“I have tried many trades,” Fanchon said. “I know how to cut gems and make jewelry. I know how to make things from metal on a forge and how to shoe a horse. I even know how to plant and tend a field along with milking cattle. Every master I learned from told me the same thing; that I made a poor apprentice because I wanted to be in charge. I mastered the skills readily enough, but soon I was giving directions to my master.”


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