Chapter Seventeen: Beginning a new life

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After a week of debate and careful measurements everyone was satisfied with the plans for the castle. Trees were cut down for Fanchon to begin to build into doors to cover the entrance to the cavern. Malvin dug out all of the soil where the castle would be built and helped to set the stones that created the foundation. Aloysia directed the planting of crops so they would have food for the cold season. Fanchon designed a system of gears that would both balance the large doors and allow them to be opened and closed by a single person turning a wheel on the wall. Malvin told Fanchon that he and Fae were pleased to have the doors protecting their eggs. Building the castle was hard work, but Malvin’s strength allowed them to move large stones and set them far more quickly than they would have been able to on their own.

Fanchon decided that if the great hall in the center of the castle should be completed first along with the outer walls, the floor support structure for the upper floors and the roof. Gareth and Thia were the first to build a house near the fields. By the end of each day the men were exhausted. Thia gave birth to a boy just after the small house was finished. They spent an entire day celebrating the birth.

“We’ve decided to name him Freydolf,” Gareth said.

Fanchon noticed that Aloysia was a little quiet.

“Is anything wrong?” he asked her quietly as he took her hand in his.

“Just thinking,” she replied, shaking her head.


“We are establishing a new village,” she replied and he nodded. “It needs a name just as a new baby needs a name.”

“Here we met the dragons who will share our home. Maybe the name should reflect that,” he said as Tor turned towards them.

“What about Dracona?”Tor asked.

“For what?” Marcus asked.

“Our new home needs a name,” Aloysia said loudly and everyone quieted down. “How does everyone feel about the name Dracona?”

“Perfect,” Malika said.

“The castle is nearly ready for the roof,” Fanchon said. “Once the roof is on then we can work on finishing the inside.”

“I’m glad we built homes to live in,” Tor said. “At least the tunnels don’t glow like the walls in the main cavern. I don’t think I would have been able to sleep in there.”

Everyone laughed as they nodded in agreement.

Fanchon said. “There is much to do still, but to see the walls in place is more than I expected so soon.”

Later that evening as they walked home, he sensed that Malvin seemed worried. They found the dragon waiting for them near their house.

‘What’s the matter? Are the eggs alright?’ he asked the dragon.

‘The eggs are fine and will hatch shortly after the moon is at its fullest,’ Malvin replied. ‘I know that I will die soon. Fae may not live to see the eggs hatch. I worry about the hatchlings and about you.’

‘We will care for the hatchlings,’ Fanchon said firmly. ‘Why would you worry over me?’

‘The men from the nearby village have noticed the activity here. They are both curious and defensive.’

‘Perhaps Tor and I should go meet them to assure them we wish to live in peace with them.’

‘There is something more,’ Malvin admitted. ‘It is like someone is calling to me in my sleep. I see an island surrounded by ocean beyond the volcano. I feel drawn to it.’

‘Perhaps you should see if this island exists. Would you be able to see it without the moon to guide you?’

‘The stars are bright enough,’ Malvin said as he put his head down.

Fanchon came over and stroked Malvin’s face. He could still feel the dragon’s uncertainty. He also felt the itch Malvin felt on his neck where he had recently shed some scales. Fanchon rubbed at the itch as he leaned his head against Malvin’s neck until Malvin relaxed. As he lifted his head some of his hairs stuck in the scales.

He was about to pluck them out of the scales when Malvin said, ‘Leave them. That way I carry you with me.’

Fanchon laughed softly and rubbed the dragon’s face.

‘Go and find the island. I’ll see you in the morning.’

Fanchon watched Malvin as he launched into the sky. He heard soft footsteps behind him.

“Fae says it is important that Malvin do this,” Aloysia said as she took his hand in hers. ‘She sees that Malvin visiting the island starts a chain of events that insures Dracona’s future.”


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