Chapter Sixteen: Plans for Building a Home

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“We could build a castle in front of the entrance here since the dragons have other smaller tunnels to use as entrances,” Fanchon said.

“A castle?” Aloysia asked. “Malvin must have.”

She paused suddenly.

“No, it was your idea entirely, but Fae and Malvin like it,” she said. “Fae said that would keep her eggs warm.”

“Where are we supposed to live?” Thia asked.

“Do you know how long that will take to build?” Marcus asked.

“Look, we’ll design the castle together and everyone will live in the castle. Our descendants will need a safe, secure home for generations to come,” Fanchon said. “In building the castle we will clear some of this forest which will allow us to plant crops.”

Aloysia dismounted and walked towards Fae. Fanchon walked up to Malvin and reached out his hand. Malvin put his nose against Fanchon’s hand. The scales on Malvin’s face were both smooth and bumpy.

‘There is more to you than other men,’ Malvin said. ‘There’s a village nearby, but their minds are filled with simple needs and wants for themselves, their families. Even among your group you care for more than yourself and your mate. Your thoughts are more words than images.’

‘Is that why you spoke to me?’ Fanchon asked silently.

‘I knew I would be able to communicate with you and you would care about helping us.’

“Oh, Fanchon!” Aloysia exclaimed softly as she collapsed against him.

“What?” he asked as he put his arms around her.

“Fae is still mourning for the eggs that died. We have to stay and help them.”

‘Fae will not bear the touch of any except Aloysia,’ Malvin said. ‘She is my mate, my queen.’

‘I will make certain the others understand that.’

It took some time to reassure the others that no harm would come to them from the dragons as long as they didn’t touch Fae. They explored the cavern and found that the sand in the center was very warm, but on the ledges surrounding the sand it was cooler. Each of the ledges had multiple tunnels opening into the center. Soon stairs had been formed and tunnels chosen to house them until the castle could be completed. Fallon killed a deer and wood was gathered for a fire. Malvin hiccupped and flame shot past his dagger like teeth lighting the wood on fire. There were gasps as most of the group backed away.

“Thank you, Malvin,” Fanchon said and motioned everyone back around the fire.

While the deer cooked Fanchon took sticks of wood and began trying to shape them into paper. Eventually he found a method that created a thick stiff paper. After creating a pile of large sheets he shaped a stick to form a straight edge on one side. It would be long enough to make straight lines across a page. He retrieved a twig that had fallen from the burning wood. The end was blackened enough to make a clear line.

“So do you want to let the rest of us in on your wild plan?” Tor asked quietly as he sat down next to Fanchon.

“The mountain and cliff are sheared off straight on the north side of the cavern,” Fanchon said as he began to draw. “Then the south side curves inward before coming back out nearly even with the north. If we build the castle here it can be simply attached to the cliff and mountain on the north, then continue straight out on the south putting the cavern in the center of the back wall.”

“This is huge,” Tor said. “We don’t need anything that big.”

“We are all young and our wives are with child. We may have more than one child. Our children will have children who will have children,” Fanchon said.

“Who will all need a place to live.”

Fanchon nodded and continued to draw. He realized that there needed to be at least three floors in the castle just to reach the top of the cavern opening, but a fourth would allow him to leave a way for the dragons to get through that opening if necessary. There would be a great hall with the front and back walls both being large doors. The south wing could contain a large dining hall and kitchen on the main floor and a library on the third and fourth floor.

“What about a place to play music?” Mari asked as she looked over his shoulder. “I loved going to plays in Glynis.”

“We’ll need somewhere to teach the children too,” Tor added.

“Okay that fills the second floor on the south side then. On the north an office and sitting room for meetings will be on the ground floor, then individual apartments on the upper floors.”

“It’s still huge, but eventually we will need it,” Tor said with a sigh.

“It will take time to build all of that,” Raynor said as he looked at the drawing. “We need somewhere to stay until it is built.”

“We need to build enough to protect the dragon eggs immediately,” Fanchon said.

“Maybe we should build the shell of the castle, then build homes to live in until the castle can be completed,” Gareth suggested.

“We can start by figuring out exactly how big this needs to be then mark the corners. We can build houses to live in until this is completed, but we need to cover that opening right away,” Fanchon said.


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