Chapter Twenty One: Malvin's Sacrifice for the Future

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Fanchon really didn’t want to get up in the morning knowing that Malvin would soon die.

‘I don’t want to die either, but I know it must be done,’ the tone of Malvin’s voice revealed his sorrow. ‘I know I would die within weeks if I didn’t commit myself to the volcano tonight. This will insure Dracona’s future.’

Fanchon finally got out of bed. Aloysia hugged him. The cheek she pressed against his was wet. He wiped her tears and kissed her tenderly as the baby kicked against him.

“It won’t be much longer before we are parents,” Aloysia said. “Glynis seems so long ago now.”

“This is now our home. We’ll finish the castle and it will be filled with love and laughter,” Fanchon said.

They walked out to the great cavern where the others were beginning to gather for breakfast. Malvin and Fae lay nearby. The meal was eaten nearly in silence.

“Today is Malvin’s last day among us,” Fanchon said breaking the awkward silence by speaking of what was on everyone’s mind. “We owe a lot to Malvin and he will never be forgotten. Without him we would not have the castle so nearly completed. Soon the eggs will hatch. The new dragons will not replace Malvin in our hearts but will be a piece of him that is ever present in our lives.”

There were many nods among the group.

“I’ve been drawing something,” Leora said quietly. “I used to make pictures from pieces of stone. I was thinking we needed something beautiful for the floor of the great hall.”

“Show them, dear,” Marcus said and she picked up a scroll of paper that had been between them.

She unrolled the paper and laid it out on the sand. The drawing showed a large dragon at the top with wings outspread. There were other dragons forming a border along with another large dragon below the first one also facing the center so that either end could be up.

“When facing the doors to the cavern you would see Fae and when facing the outer doors you would see Malvin,” Leora said.

“It’s beautiful,” Aloysia said. “Fae likes it.”

‘I do too,’ Malvin said.

“Malvin likes it as well.”

‘I want to take you flying so you can see the world as I see it,’ Malvin said. ‘Someday you can go flying with Aylward.’

“I’m going to spend some time with Malvin. He wants to take me flying,” Fanchon said.

Although some expressed concerns over his safety Aloysia simply kissed his cheek. He climbed up Malvin’s offered foreleg and onto his shoulder’s in front of his wings. Malvin took him to the outer entrance to his den then launched into the sky. Fanchon’s heart was pounding as the dragon took him higher.

‘Relax, I will keep you safe.’

Fanchon began to relax as Malvin leveled out gliding on his outstretched wings. He could see the village, then Malvin turned towards the mountain. The cattle grazed below near a small lake. There were more mountains and high valleys before they came to an area that was all black rock devoid of even plants for the most part. Beyond the rocky cliff stretched an ocean. It wasn’t long before the island came into view.

‘Fae told me that all of this is your land. She said even the black cliffs can support life if food is collected from the ocean.’

Malvin turned back to reveal the waves crashing against the cliffs.

‘Your dreams have revealed your past to me. I know you have doubts about your decisions, but I know that something brought you to help us. For that I am grateful. I will die knowing that both your descendants and mine will prosper in Dracona.’

‘I really didn’t know quite what I was doing when I left my family behind,’ Fanchon admitted. ‘I am grateful to have found you as well.’

They returned home to find the others working on the castle. When night fell Fanchon knew it would soon be time. Everyone gathered around Malvin after supper was finished to say farewell. Fanchon and Aloysia walked with the dragon deeper into the mountain. When they reached the center there was a large cavern with an open pit large enough to swallow a dragon whole.

“Goodbye, Malvin,” Fanchon said in a whisper.

“We’ll care for the hatchlings,” Aloysia said. “We’ll miss you.”

Malvin softly nuzzled each of them before turning to Fae. The two dragons nuzzled each other before Malvin turned and dove into the pit. Smoke rose from the pit along with an acrid smell before a glow began just above the pit in the center of the glow was a strangely dressed woman holding something in her hands.

“Malvin’s sacrifice will insure the future of Dracona’s dragons and your people,” the woman said. “You in turn must guard and protect Dracona. Fanchon I give you the title Lord Dracona and Aloysa Lady Dracona. Your family name is Donley. Take this stone box and keep it safe for a time your descendant must speak the key given to you by Malvin to insure Dracona’s safety. It will bind him and his lady together and to Dracona.”

Fanchon held out his hands and the woman placed the heavy box in them.

“I don’t understand how the words Malvin gave me can be a key but I have written them down to memorize them,” Fanchon said. “We are now using only the local language and will not teach the old language to our children.”

“In time that language and the knowledge of their past will be fully restored to your descendants. Guard well the dragons for they are precious to your people. Their fate and yours will always be one.”

The woman flickered like a candle before vanishing.


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